Raised skin bumps are elevated growths that can occur in different parts of the body. They are common, and in most cases harmless. Raised skin bumps can be small, large, itchy, skin-coloured or otherwise, hard or sometimes soft and movable.

These skin bumps can be removed using aesthetic treatments. If you are looking for proven and reliable aesthetic treatments in Leeds, visit Luxe Hair and Skin Clinic. We offer professional aesthetic treatments for over 20 different skin conditions using electrolysis. 

There are many reasons for raised skin bumps. We discuss a few here:

Skin Tags    

Skin tags are loose hanging skin growths that can be as long as half an inch. They are mostly found on the groin, breasts, armpits, eyelids, stomach and around the neck. 

Skin tags are usually the result of friction in the affected area. 

Removing skin tags in sensitive areas calls for expertise. That’s why you should visit a reliable skin clinic. At Luxe Clinic, our qualified practitioners offer the most professional aesthetic treatments in Leeds.

Cherry Angioma

Also called blood spots, these growths can occur anywhere on the body. However, they typically occur on shoulders, legs, arms and torso. They appear as bright red, circular or oval spots. The spots can be smooth or raised and may bleed when scratched. 


These growths occur as clusters or as a single growth on the skin. Caused by several variants of human papillomavirus (HPV), warts can be contagious. 

Molluscum Contagiosum

These dome-shaped bumps can occur as a group of 20 simultaneous growths. They are small, firm, shiny and can be white, pink or flesh-coloured. A dent or dimple appears in the middle of the growth.  

Seborrhoeic Keratosis

Common in older people, these harmless bumps can occur anywhere on the body except the palms and soles. They are usually dark-coloured, round or oval, and waxy to the touch. 

Dermatosis Papulosa Nigra

Common in adolescents, these bumps occur mostly on the neck, cheeks and the chest. They appear as dome-shaped bumps. 

Sebaceous Cysts 

These are painless bumps that grow slowly on the skin. These bumps move under the skin when touched. 

We Treat Skin Bumps Using Advanced Electrolysis

All of these bumps can be treated using Electrolysis. 

Your practitioner will insert a fine, sterile and disposable electrolysis needle into the bump. This needle will pass a low voltage of electric current to remove the outgrowth completely. 

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